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Bluetooth SIG launched its new Bluetooth 5 technology. Bluetooth 5 Specifications higher speed, longer range, and bandwidth of connections between IoT devices. Increased range and speed will streamline connections between a network of devices, also known as the Internet of Things (IoT). As “smart” devices become ubiquitous, households and businesses are becoming increasingly wirelessly interconnected, providing new applications for improved IoT technology like Bluetooth 5.  Higher-bandwidth connections will enhance Bluetooth utility in location services. Bluetooth 5 software is currently available for download online.  However, consumers will have to wait at least a couple months for devices equipped with new Bluetooth...

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  Charging Backpack We all hate it when we're out, having activities with friends and our wireless Bluetooth headphones, phone, Laptop or any other Mobile Device's battery dies. With no place to recharge our speakers or mobile phone, there's a big chance that fun will be over soon. In those situations, you wish you've had a power bank connected to your speakers. What if there's a way we can make our backpack become an independent power station. You wonder how to make your backpack power your phone, laptop or Bluetooth speakers? Well, you came to the right place to learn....

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