Ribose — Collaborate for Life Task Management and Cloud Collaboration Platform

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Ribose — Collaborate for Life Task Management and Cloud Collaboration Platform

Ribose is an online social collaboration platform that connects you with friends, family, co-workers, and communities in a new way. Our platform lets you focus on the task at hand while keeping you and your team on the same page. Welcome to the Ribose experience.


Why use Ribose?

With a number of integrated apps which Ribose have your life will be much easier. It allows you safely and easily share files, plan events, connect with friends, family and co-workers.
The best idea behind the Ribose is that you do need to keep two different apps for collaboration as usually the people do: one for business and work, and another for family and family members' tasks. Ribose includes both of them in one app.

The Ribose platform can be used by the most businesses in the world — public and small-medium enterprises!
It helps to work better through an efficient and effective collaboration platform. Ribose provides all the benefits of an enterprise-class collaboration platform, with none of the associated infrastructure and costs.

The main features of the Ribose System are:
  • Seamless integration — Integrated apps for all your collaborating needs, including a place for discussion, creating events, notes, storing and viewing files.
  • We value privacy — Ribose privacy is simple. We give you complete control over who sees what information.
  • Importing contacts — Got contacts elsewhere? Gmail? Yahoo? No sweat. Easily import your contacts to your Ribose account.
  • Plan, collectively — Discuss and share in real time. Ensure that everyone can voice their opinion and quickly update the group with any changes.
  • Casual connections — Public Spaces allow you to participate in conversations in the Ribose-sphere. Find a Space that appeals to you and join in on the conversation!
  • Your files. Accessible anytime, anywhere — With 5GB of free cloud storage, you can easily retrieve your files no matter where you are.
  • Find the needle in the haystack — Ribose’s super fast, powerful search lets you find whatever you need almost instantaneously.
  • Staying on the same page — Having everyone on the same page is crucial to collaboration. Doesn't matter what get's changed. Ribose will keep you informed.

Recently, the cloud collaboration platform provider Ribose has achieved the world’s most extensive integrated management system (IMS) certified to the PAS 99 standard.
It had been certified by BSI (British Standards Institution), Ribose’s IMS covers all seven of the company’s management systems.

Additionally, Ribose as the world’s first cloud service provider certified to MTCS (Multi-Tier Cloud Security), CSA STAR Attestation, CSA STAR Certification (Cloud Controls Matrix, CCM 3.0.1) and the first Software-as-a-Service platform to complete the CSA C-STAR Assessment, Ribose has been consistently awarded the industry's highest cloud security ratings year after year: the highest security tier, Level 3, in MTCS and the highest maturity level, Gold, in STAR Certification.

Emmanuel Herve, Managing Director of BSI Hong Kong and VP of Standards, remarked, “We commend Ribose for its commitment to the highest levels of corporate governance. Standards are designed to level the playing field, and Ribose’s numerous achievements in certification attest that smaller businesses can indeed compete against larger organizations by building upon standards.”

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