JAVOSIZE FREE Troubleshooting Tool - Monitor, Analyze and Repair the Java Code in Real Time

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JAVOSIZE FREE Troubleshooting Tool - Monitor, Analyze and Repair the Java Code in Real Time

Want to monitor, analyze and repair the Java code in real time? Use a JAVOSIZE FREE tool to cover the full troubleshooting Java applications

javOSize is the free tool that allows you to diagnose, repair and automate Java applications in seconds without a single restart or redeploy. 

There are several features which make JavOSize individual and necessary tool for the Java developers and Java based applications.

As we know there a lot of software tools and online tools which tries to monitor and analyze the code fails and there are also a lot of tools for troubleshooting.

Generally, we have tons of tools around the web which find and research the problems, but we have almost no tools that would solve the problems or give an opportunity to solve and fix it immediately in PRODUCTION and WITHOUT RESTARTING your application servers. Here the javOSize tool can be very helpful, because it allows you to cover the full troubleshooting cycle, such as: finding, fixing on the fly and automating tasks to avoid these or other similar problems to happen again.


Neither profilers, nor APM tools allow you to do the things, that javOSize provides, because it is an advanced Java production-friendly profile with APM capabilities.

JAVOSIZE will allow you:

 FIX On The Fly — Not only to find also to fix application fails by your interaction with JVM, modifications of the classes in the real time and execution of any part of the code
 Production Friendly – an overhead is minimal, close to 0. Profilers cant be used in production, but JAVOSIZE can!
 Includes APM Capabilities – javOSize generates metrics about how the Java application performs for end user transactions and allows users to build their own interceptors for creating totally custom APM solutions

JavOSizE tried to create full devops oriented tool:

 Dev – concentrates on creating interceptors, executing code in the JVM, changing classes
 Ops – concentrates on threads, CPU consumption, memory, response time of a user request.
Additionally, javOSize provides a unix like CLI, which is friendly for ops, and where it is also possible to drill down from a user transaction running slow to the system resources it is consuming and involve dev for analyzing the code and fixing with real production data.


So, let’s move from the general information to the main features of the javOSize:


• Check threads, users, sessions, URLs, applications and their relationship with CPU consumption and response times
• Check JMX beans, performance counters, classes size and monitor performance and functionality of any of your methods

REPAIR and MODIFY On The Fly without Redeploy or Restart the application server:

• Create interceptors to any method and explore its parameters and returned value
• See the code of any class in real time without having access to the sources
• Modify the classes in real time and without redeploy
• Repair not only performance problems, but also functional problems immediately

AUTOMATE Troubleshooting and Repairing tasks (Flexible scripting capabilities):

• Automate any of your troubleshooting and repairing tasks and encapsulate them in recipes that you can execute on demand or it will be automatically triggered when certain conditions are matched. Examples of already built recipes are finding http sessions larger than X MB size and not used for more than Y minutes or finding memory leaks and slow methods.

As a summary, the JAVOSIZE solution includes real time modification capabilities, so instead of just discover what is wrong as you do with for instance NewRelic or Takipi, JAVOSIZE allow you to modify the error in real time without a compiler or even having access to the source code: This is the must have feature! 
At this time, JavOSize have only a software tool, which is totally FREE! And you can download it here.
Also, the premium JAVOSIZE PLATFORM — Online Platform will come soon, and we will try to cover this tool in the next article.

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