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Takipi provides three simple solutions for every piece of code you write and for each startup you start: Know when code fails — see every exception and log error across your servers. Replay the error — See the code and variables across methods and machines. Go straight to fixing — Without having to reproduce locally, or sift through logs. Mainly, Takipi's big data technologies focus on the large scale Java or Scala code bases. Some more added value features for developers and coders are: Error 'Replay' «See every error as if you were there» — helps you to observe the variable values which caused it, across...

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Best startups in Poland and how to find them When one wants to find some promising American start-ups, one visits Silicon Valley. When it comes to the British, East London's Tech City UK is the place to go. But what about Polish start-ups? There is no one place where the bulk of them reside. But that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of ways to find the most promising Polish start-ups   The last years have been really successful for Polish e-business ventures. Brainly is well on its way to becoming one of the most popular Q&A educational sites in the world. The...

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Want to monitor, analyze and repair the Java code in real time? Use a JAVOSIZE FREE tool to cover the full troubleshooting Java applications javOSize is the free tool that allows you to diagnose, repair and automate Java applications in seconds without a single restart or redeploy.  There are several features which make JavOSize individual and necessary tool for the Java developers and Java based applications. As we know there a lot of software tools and online tools which tries to monitor and analyze the code fails and there are also a lot of tools for troubleshooting. Generally, we have tons of...

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This Israeli startup Wisharound created a new way to connect with people around. It may revolutionize the way we interact in our communities, events and in our everyday life. While we live in a highly technologically connected world, people in social networks, unfortunately, remains in the void on a human level. Sure, we interact with videos, pictures, and articles, but unable to actually interact with people around us. People who might be our new friends, future business partners, or the love of our lives.Social apathy seems to be the 21th century epidemic. It seems that people are more connected than ever using...

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Mobirise is a free tool (for both personal and commercial use) which allows you to build mobile and responsive web sites. Simple drag and drop development model, you do NOT need to be a programmer for it or to know coding. This constructor for mobile website building helps to any business owner, app founder or freelancers create the mobile friendly portfolio website, business website, or the website for your mobile app. Today, Mobirise have a Windows, OS X and Android application (, as we already mentioned each of them are based on the drag and drop development model. As we understood...

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