Know Website Category API for Developers - Connection With The Content

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Know Website Category API for Developers - Connection With The Content

Get Website Category API for Developers: Know what categories the content on a website belongs to

Web Shrinker is about using cloud computing and machine learning to classify a huge portion of existing websites into a set of categories. The resulting URL to category mappings are made available as an online API and also as a downloadable list so you can integrate and use it with other software and services.

Some examples how it can help and where:

You can use Web Shrinker if you build an Internet website filter and need to block certain categories such as adult and social networking sites. Or if you are running a hosting company and want to enforce an Acceptable Use Policy to prevent customers from running a file sharing or classified ads network. 

Web Shrinker service will be helpful for any product or service that requires a better representation of a website and its content.

How does it work?

The one way to access to the categories is a downloadable website to category database. The downloadable list might not always be the most practical, especially if you are on a device with limited storage space. The 2nd way is to use the API. With the API there is no need to download the list, you simply make a HTTP GET request to the API and get back the categories as a JSON response. 

Additional advantages of using the API: 

If you do not have the URL or site categorized yet Web Shrinker will crawl it and categorize it for you. If you have a need to know a category, and do not want to wait for the next downloadable list, you would have the answer in a short amount of time. 

Constantly Updated Database — Web Shrinker classifies the latest sites which get added to the database as close to real time as possible so that future requests for that site return the right category. 

Category lookups can be done on full URLs, IP addresses, or just a hostname. When you request a hostname or IP address, a list of all the categories for the content published on the site, will be returned.

Main Features:

Screenshots — Capture full page or viewport renders with custom image sizes. With a single API call, you can get the latest render.  

URL Categories API  — Billions of sites are categorized and updated on a regular basis. If your URL is not in the list, it will be visited, categorized, and included. 

Hostnames / IP Addresses — Lookup a hostname or IP address and get the categories for all the content which Web Shrinker has seen hosted there. 

Downloadable Category List — downloadable category list instead of the API for offline lookups.

For more details visit their official website You can help Web Shrinker and their great team to make this product better by supporting or backing their Kickstarter Campaign:

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