StoreDot Nanodot - bio-organic nano crystal batteries which charge mobile devices in 30 seconds!

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StoreDot Nanodot - bio-organic nano crystal batteries which charge mobile devices in 30 seconds!

In the Microsoft Think Next 2014 conference that took place in Tel Aviv, had been presented the first prototype of Store Dot battery charge. The visitors could observe how the mobile phone device was charged in less than 30 seconds.

The breakthrough discovery of NanoDot technology which based on molecular structures and built from biological materials had come from Alzheimer's research that has been done in Tel Aviv University. The idea was to implement biological materials in computer systems. The scientists at Tel Aviv University's Nanotechnology Laboratory tried to use self-assembled nanodots of biological origin for hardware components and to achieve two main results:
  • More efficient digital memory
  • More efficient and faster battery recharging

The StoreDot company is already raised $6,25 million investment from well-known personalities in Israel and from energy storage solutions developer Nation-E Ltd., recently the raised additional $10 million from Roman Abramovich (Millhouse LLC.).

The official mission that announced by StoreDot company:
StoreDot innovative bio-inspired nanotechnology, by changing the rules of device capabilities, has the potential to disrupt multiple industries such as energy and memory storage; semiconductors; computer monitors; imaging and bio-medical sensors; bio- labeling for the food industry and more.

StoreDot can bring the following benefits:

  • Rich color new-generation display.
  • Bendable, transparent and paper-thin displays.
  • Displays using non-polluting materials — environmentally-friendly and efficient power consumption.
  • Next-generation batteries — fast charging due to increased electrode capacitance.
  • Extended battery life expectancy
  • Biocompatibility — could be applied in bio-medicine.

Generally, StoreDot Company specializes in the following domains:
  • Displays
  • Next-generation batteries
  • Data storage and image sensors
  • Bio-medicine

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