Ecke - Not Bulky and Protective iPhone Case that Keeps Minimalism

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Ecke - Not Bulky and Protective iPhone Case that Keeps Minimalism

Ëcke case is a new and revolutionary way of protecting your iPhone Phone. Ëcke covers the four most vulnerable parts of your phone, its corners, in order to both protect and showcase its design. It does not require any adhesives and can be removed and replaced as often as desired, allowing you to easily change the color combination.

Ëcke product is about to change the protective casing industry with its unique, reliable and customizable protective system. With twelve modern, fresh and classy colors, the possibilities are endless.

Ëcke’s benefits:

  • Protects iPhone design without the bulk — not bulky case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

  • Strong hold, replaceable/removable — holds your phone strongly and easily removable

  • Colorful case — 12 unique colors offer you the possibility to customize your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s as often and as easily as you want. You are able to choose a unique color for the each of the corners.

  • 36O° Protection — drop it from any angle and you can be sure your iPhone will be protected. As protective as other regular cases, but without the bulk and without hiding your iPhone's design

Ëcke is developed, designed and manufactured by Demnard Design LLC, a young product design company based in South Florida. Nathalie Duncan, its CEO, believes Ëcke is the perfect example of thinking out of the box. Ecke is different than any other protective casing you’ve seen before because it offers countless customization possibilities, does not require any adhesives, but holds very strongly and retails at very budget-friendly price.

And today, Nathalie Duncan and her team need your support, they created the Ëcke Kickstarter campaign in order to deliver the most minimalistic case, which will keep a creative design of your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s and not to make it a bulky as another iPhone 6 cases or iPhone 6s case can do. Let's help them to bring better case for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 to the market.

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