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In the Microsoft Think Next 2014 conference that took place in Tel Aviv, had been presented the first prototype of Store Dot battery charge. The visitors could observe how the mobile phone device was charged in less than 30 seconds. The breakthrough discovery of NanoDot technology which based on molecular structures and built from biological materials had come from Alzheimer's research that has been done in Tel Aviv University. The idea was to implement biological materials in computer systems. The scientists at Tel Aviv University's Nanotechnology Laboratory tried to use self-assembled nanodots of biological origin for hardware components and to...

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Intro About a week ago, we published an update for our app called Evermusic — audio player that streams your music directly from the cloud and help you free up valuable space on the device for photos, videos, and apps. In this update, we added new cloud services and now Evermusic can stream your music from Web Dav and Yandex.Disk as well as from DropBox, One Drive, Box, Google Drive. When we worked on this update we found out many interesting tricks about audio streaming in iOS and now it’s time to talk about some of them. Audio Streaming We use AVPlayer for audio streaming...

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They claim they are the easiest and fastest way to create an event, which is what all millennials are about, right? Millennials want things that are quick and only take a few moments of their time! I can tell you first hand, is that ToGather is the perfect event-planning app for anybody, but especially millennials.  When I first downloaded the ToGather app, I was struck by how sleek the interface is and how well everything flowed. The great thing that caught me off guard was that ToGather also has more features than just creating an event, and so looking at it at...

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The Peercisely Mobile App is one of the most powerful hiring tools, which concentrates on the Peer to Peer job referrals and opens an undiscovered channel to qualified candidates by those who understand and know them personally. Your peers find their dream job. Employers find their perfect hires. You earn money for yourself and your charities. With peercisely, everyone wins! Peercisely offers a platform to allow employers who are hiring to leverage the power of social networking, peer to peer connections, gamification, and paid referral programs (referrer can earn money for charities they choose and earn cash bonuses). There is no need...

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MyXplor or simply Xplor App changing the way you connect to your children at childcare. You can log in online almost from any device you want, Mac, PC, tablet, iphone, or android phone to get a real-time view of your childcare service. MyXplor includes CCMS (Childcare Management software) that is simple, smart and fast to use. MyXplor is a magic tool to engage educators, children, and parents in live mode, on any device. The message from the MyXplor Team: We believe that children have the power to transform the world. They can pave new ways of thinking. New ways of sparking...

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