Develop Intelligence - Web and Mobile App Development Courses Free Online

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Develop Intelligence - Web and Mobile App Development Courses Free Online

Develop Intelligence is comprehensive and customized web and mobile app development training and learning programs with the large specter of online courses to grow your company staff or R&D team knowledge in Web and Mobile App Development. If you are reading this article you may need a developer academy. Either for yourself or for your staff, you need Develop Intelligence.

Develop intelligence - these words combination calls upon to get new knowledge and to broaden one’s horizon. Although it sounds universal, here the sense is applicable to web development.

Develop Intelligence is the name of the web academy designed to teach you in the tech sphere. The Academy includes courses on design, management, program development and delivery. After completing a course at Develop Intelligence one will certainly find himself more professionally developed.

What courses does Develop Intelligence have?

As it may be clear Develop Intelligence suggests a wide range of IT training courses. As the Develop Intelligence Academy puts it, the number of courses is so big (223) to satisfy the tastes of the most cautious clients. Check it out!

The courses include Java Training, Open Source Training, Web Development Training, Big Data, DevOps, Mobile App Development, Soft Engineering Training, Cloud Computing and some other training. Let’s take a better look at least at one category.

Mobile App Development Free Online Course

Nowadays with the all-around spreading of mobile phones, the DI’s Mobile App Development category is of great popularity. It touches upon the most famous platforms ¾ iOS and Android. This IT training course includes 3 subcategories. They are iOS Development Boot Camp, Android Development Quick Start and Introduction to Android development. The courses will teach you how to build iOS and Android apps.

Do you want to learn a Software Web Development?

If yes, choose to start iOS Development Boot Camp. This IT training course’s curriculum includes the review of the existing mobile app platforms. Then you will proceed to the evolution iOS undergone since its first release. And finally, you will get the idea of how to develop iOS apps using Objective-C language and Xcode. iOS Development Boot Camp ends with an exam on how to pack and submit apps to the AppleApp Store.

iOS Development Boot Camp covers a very wide range of issues. But the course’s duration is only 5 days. This fact lets you get the profession of Software Developer or to deepen your knowledge in a short time period.

The students’ average skill level is intermediate. The learning style is hands-on. It means that the students not only listen to some theoretical staff but also practice. At Develop Intelligence Academy all the students get their hands dirty practicing a lot under the supervision of instructors.

Are you on Android App Mobile Development side?

If you are more interested in Android mobile platform, Develop Intelligence has some options for you. I mean Android Development Quick Start and Introduction to Android Development courses.

Android Development Quick Start course is designed for those students who already have some experience in app development. This 2-day IT training course will give them more profound knowledge of how to develop Android apps.

Introduction to Android Development course covers a longer, 5-day program. This IT course is designed for those students who already know how Java and UI operate. But that is not so crucial. The aim of the course is to grow new software developers able to work with Android platform.

Introduction to Android Development course as well as Android Development Quick Start course forms a part of Android Development Boot Camp.

If the information above is not convincing, ask your friends. Probably they have heard a lot about Develop Intelligence Academy. The Academy has already trained almost 50,000 people. It has got 98, 1 % approval. It has 45 qualified instructors. Numbers do mean a lot in a tech world. So you may believe that Develop Intelligence is worth your attention.

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