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While data science and data analytics are somewhat new career professions, they remain to be the most critical skills in the advent of big data. A greater challenge faced in the 21st century is the deficit of analytical skills required to process the vast volume of data into valuable information for smart decision making. Filling this gap may or may not be reason enough for you to consider pursuing these two career paths, however, it certainly highlights the need for you to consider it. Today we review four sites offering Data Science and Data Analysis study programs, and what they have...

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Develop Intelligence is comprehensive and customized web and mobile app development training and learning programs with the large specter of online courses to grow your company staff or R&D team knowledge in Web and Mobile App Development. If you are reading this article you may need a developer academy. Either for yourself or for your staff, you need Develop Intelligence. Develop intelligence - these words combination calls upon to get new knowledge and to broaden one’s horizon. Although it sounds universal, here the sense is applicable to web development. Develop Intelligence is the name of the web academy designed to...

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The development of Apache Spark, Hadoop and Big Data technologies knowledge takes an important place in improving company business and company staff technical knowledge, as well as making your life easier. Over the last year, Big Data became popular topic all over the world. However, data in its original form is worthless without the simultaneous development of large storage capacity, scalable processing power and sophisticated software to process this data. Furthermore, the path from data to value is long and requires special knowledge and skills. Employees are still the ones who create value, while big data technologies are enabling factor and...

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